Business calls for a streamlined planning approach to simple like for like developments

Urban Taskforce Chief Executive, Tom Forrest, today backed-in and expanded on the calls from Business NSW for an “express lane” for projects that retain or create local jobs.

There should not be any requirement to lodge a DA with if the proposed development is simply replacing “like for like”. This change should immediately apply to residential or commercial developments.

Council DAs require the preparation of a myriad of expensive consultant reports and this process works to actively prevent job creation and the revitalisation local communities.

Where a proposal is for the same size, same height, and same set-backs from the street, a DA is simply an expensive waste of time.

Urban Taskforce proposes a streamlining of the system requiring only a Construction Certificate to demonstrate compliance with building construction and fire standards. Safety will be protected. Jobs will be created.

Urban Taskforce calls on the Minister for Planning to trial this streamlined process for the next 12 months and if it works it should continue. COVID-19 requires urgent out-of-the-square thinking to stimulate the economy and cut back on expensive delays caused by the NSW planning system.

The Minister for Planning has taken some significant steps to speed up the planning system in NSW. This simple and sensible change can be made as a COVID-19 related order or through the making of a new SEPP. The legislative process is there and available for the Minister for Planning to use. This change would actively stimulate the economy.

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