Builder appointed parliamentary secretary

13 May 2011

Port Stephens MP Craig Baumann has been appointed as Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Planning. He will assist the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure Brad Hazzard.  Mr Baumann has told his local newspaper that the Lower Hunter Regional Strategy has been a disaster which has stunted growth in the Port Stephens.

“In seven years, 70 blocks have been rezoned in the Port Stephens LGA,” he said.

“In 2004 Port Stephens and Maitland were level pegging in population and population growth.

“Maitland has leapt ahead because Maitland had sufficient land already appropriately zoned.

“A lack of appropriately zoned land stifles jobs, stifles prosperity and forces workers to travel.”

Mr Baumann is a director of construction company Valley Homes.

Mr Baumann effectively replaced Pittwater MP, Rob Stokes, who was shadow parliamentary secretary to Mr Hazzard when the Liberal and National parties were in Opposition. Mr Stokes was well known for his views that bureaucrats have too much power to make crucial decisions on development (see, for example, his article here).  Mr Stokes has been appointed as the Parliamentary Secretary for Renewable Energy.

The full list of parliamentary secretaries is here.