Planning legislation to come to Parliament

13 May 2011

The Governor of NSW, Marie Bashir, has delivered a speech to the opening of Parliament setting out the new government’s legislative priorities. While this speech is delivered by the Governor by custom, it is, in substance, a policy statement by the government. The speech is prepared by the Premier, and provided to the Governor who, by custom, delivers it word-for-word.

The government’s intentions in relation to the planning system have been outlined.

“The people of NSW have increasingly expressed dissatisfaction with government removing their ability to have a say in how their local areas are affected by growth and development,” Ms Bashir said.

“Equally, investors have been concerned that the planning system lacks the certainty and efficiency to make NSW a reliable jurisdiction for investment.

“The Government is preparing to start a long overdue review of NSW’s troubled planning system, with the establishment of an expert panel and commencement of a state-wide consultation with communities and stakeholders, developing a new planning system that will serve the public interest into the future.

“The Government will also introduce legislation to abolish the controversial Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, and establish transitional arrangements until a bill for a new planning system is brought to Parliament around the middle of the term.

“The government understands that our planning system must deliver certainty about planning rules; certainty about decision making processes; certainty that decisions will be made transparently on the basis of merit and in the public interest; and certainty that decisions will be made in a timely way.”

The full speech by the Governor is available here.

You may be interested in the Urban Taskforce’s submission on the “transitional arrangements” that should be adopted by the government. It is available here.