Welcome to Your New-Look CBD

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The desire to keep working from home at least part of the week is threatening the vibrancy of our CBDs and their ability to fuel the country’s economic recovery according to a new report. While we still intend our CBDs to be key parts of life, more needs to be done to entice us back to them more often business leaders say.

Research undertaken for the report Reimagining our economic powerhouses: How to turn CBDs into central experience districts revealed 70 per cent of CBD office workers wish to continue working from home most of the week – equating to just 3.3 days in the city. The report, prepared jointly by real estate firm EY and the Property Council of Australia, found preferred days to work from home were Monday and Friday, a factor that would deal a further blow to business, especially hospitality venues heavily reliant on trade from end-of-week office workers.

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