Urban Taskforce | Our Activities

The Taskforce provides a forum for the views and ideas of our members. It provides a vehicle through which the membership can respond to policy initiatives and debates on issues related to the urban environment.

The Urban Taskforce engages professionals to provide expert opinions, advice and discussion documents in the following areas:

  • monitoring and reporting on planning developments;
  • researching and gathering information on relevant government policy;
  • analysing and responding to legislative and regulatory proposals;
  • assessment of progress and outcomes of parliamentary committee hearings;
  • developing papers and materials relevant to the effective passage of legislation;
  • communicating with the wider community through the media; and
  • standing up for the industry when it is under attack.

The Taskforce holds a number of functions, such as seminars, lunches and dinners throughout the year. The Taskforce invites Ministers, MPs, government officials and industry leaders to participate in these functions with Taskforce members.

The Urban Taskforce is not political.  This means:

  • we do not promote or oppose a party or the election of a candidate or candidates;
  • we do not seek to influence voting at an election.

Of course, this does not prevent us from carrying out a non-partisan evaluation of any current, historical or proposed public policies or commenting on such policies.

The Urban Taskforce requires its employees, officers and Executive Committee members to adhere to our Standards of Conduct.  These standards are based on the following principles:

  • building trust;
  • respect;
  • uncompromising integrity;
  • serving our members; and
  • responsible citizenship.