Urban Taskforce calls for Clear messages from Government with “close-down announcement” imminent

Urban Taskforce CEO, Tom Forrest, today called on State and Commonwealth Governments to be clear in their messages regarding any “closedown” of “non-essential services or businesses”.

“If any closedown is being contemplated, the announcement should not come through leaks. The announcement must be clear and targeted”, Mr Forrest said.

Mr Forrest said that the messaging to date has too often been clumsy and ambiguous.

It is no wonder thousands of people turned up at Bondi Beach on Friday or that thousands of people simply walked off an infected cruise liner last week.

Bars in the CBD of Sydney near Martin Place and Phillip St were full as late as Friday afternoon.

“If there is to be a close-down of business in NSW, what does this mean for construction workers? What does it mean for those working out-doors or indoors? What does it mean for delivery drivers or manufacturers? What does it mean for those that produce the goods sold in supermarkets or who work in any part of the supply chain? Mr Forrest asked.

“Does the “shut-down” apply to bars, restaurants, non-grocery retail, cafes, or is it wider? What are the implications for office staff, banks, cleaners, non-news TV and radio?

Mr Forrest called on the NSW Government to be clear about if businesses should continue to operate remotely or shut down altogether.

“Urban Taskforce members support measures to prevent the spread of COVID 19. But support for the property, construction and development industry is critical to the economy and the hundreds of thousands of jobs involved. This starts with clear messages for everyone”, Mr Forrest said.

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