Urban Ideas- Towers and Transport

Sydney’s population will increase by 1.6 million people over the next 20 years requiring
664,300 new homes or 33,200 new homes each year. Over 50 years we will need 1.66 million
new homes which is the same number that we currently have in Sydney. WE MUST DOUBLE

Doubling the number of homes is a massive task for any city and will be for Sydney.
We can’t double the land area of the city as that is restrained by mountains and national
parks. We could double the density of all existing housing in Sydney but this would change
the character of all of the suburbs and is unlikely to get community support. What we
can do is locate a lot of the population growth in centres and transport nodes in denser
residential towers. Fortunately a growing number of people are preferring a cosmopolitan
urban lifestyle and apartment living near transport nodes is a perfect solution for them.
The NSW Government has been encouraging development in centres and in Urban
Activation Precincts but far more is needed to accommodate our future population growth.

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