Urban Ideas- We Built this City

any other industry. To understand more about the incredible
flow on effect of the supply chain of jobs, we asked a number
of our members involved in building developments for job
numbers on individual projects. Multiplex, Meriton, Parkview,
Holdmark and Lendlease. These five companies represent a
range of scales of development and building construction. They
also enable the big picture statistical numbers at a national or
state level to be focused on an actual project. With a boom
in Sydney in apartment building comes a boost to jobs that
relate to the whole supply chain that flows from architecture,
planning, engineering, finance, banking, council staff, building
managers, supervisors to the actual trades that undertake the
construction. But then there is an off site flow of jobs to kitchen
appliances, carpet makers, light fittings, bathroom tiles, to
furniture, art work and an endless number of other related jobs.

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