Urban Ideas- 20 Minutes to Parramatta

The Greater Sydney Commission’s Region
Plan for Sydney identifies three cities
with Parramatta as the Central River
City. This has added significant energy to
Parramatta’s development with a boom
in new apartments and office buildings
underway. The NSW Government has
also announced that the Powerhouse
Museum will move to Parramatta as well
as a number of government departments.
A new Civic Square is being constructed
with new commercial buildings, a new
library and a significant building for
the University of Western Sydney is
completed and occupied. Significant
new residential buildings are underway
in the Parramatta City Centre along with
a new high rise school. Public transport
is proposed to be upgraded with an
approved route for the light rail and a
government commitment to a new Metro
West turn-up-and-go new rail system.
Clearly Patrramatta’s time has come to
be lifted into the status of a mature city.

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