The 10 people who have shaped Sydney

Sydney Morning Herald – 

Talk about a helluva ride since the Herald’s earliest days. Sydney’s evolution from bushland with the appearance of grassy parkland at the arrival of the First Fleet into a gleaming metropolis has been a tale of triumph and tribulation in equal measure. And some big personalities have left an indelible mark on the physical and social fabric of our city, starting with the indigenous and British powerbrokers and pioneers, to the engineers, designers and developers who have shaped the physical appearance of the city as it spread west and most recently transforming the Hungry Mile into Barangaroo.

This isn’t a definitive list. So many other men and women, from Woollarawarre Bennelong, one of the early colony’s best-known intermediaries, have contributed. The role of Sydney’s early governors can’t be underplayed nor can the vision of our 20th century premiers such as Joseph Cahill for his fortitude commissioning Danish architect Joern Utzon’s Sydney Opera House, dubbed by some as the building of the 20th century.

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