Supermarket delivery restrictions removed with a new SEPP to apply immediately so trucks can roll 24/7

The Urban Taskforce CEO, Tom Forrest today welcomed the NSW Government decision to immediately over-ride all conditions of operational consent which restrict delivery times or shelf stacking times for supermarkets and grocery stores.

Mr Forrest said that Minister Stokes has signed a new State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) titled the
“COVID Response” which over-rides all condition of supermarket and retail operational consent so that truck deliveries are able to supply shops and retailers with essential goods around the clock to support communities.

“Minister Stokes has responded to the Urban Taskforce calls for action within 36 hours of this issue being raised. In an era of delayed government responses to crises, this swift action is very welcome”, Mr Forrest said.

Woolworths and Aldi have been significant contributors to the Urban Taskforce and to the development of many existing and new communities since the Urban Taskforce was formed in 1999.
Mr Forrest also welcomed the support it received from Adam Searle and the NSW ALP which helped ensure that this matter was bi-partisan and that Minister Stokes could act without fear of political attack.

“In times of crisis, it is great to see industry working with the Government to provide immediate benefits to the community with the support of both sides of politics”, Mr Forrest said.

Mr Forrest called upon the Minister to show the same strong leadership as he develops the imminent and much needed planning reforms to speed up the NSW planning system and drive housing supply up, thus stimulating the NSW economy and making housing more affordable.

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