Supermarket delivery restrictions must be urgently removed

The Urban Taskforce CEO, Tom Forrest today called on the NSW Government to immediately over-ride all conditions of operational consent which restrict delivery times or shelf stacking times for supermarkets and grocery stores.

“The crisis of confidence in the availability of essentials goods is being worsened by planning conditions which place restrictions on delivery times and shelf stacking times. These can be easily over-ruled through an amendment to the “Exempt and Complying State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP)”, Mr Forrest said.

Mr Forrest said that a time limited clause to the ‘Exempt’ development section to the Exempt and Complying  Development SEPP would out-rule any conditions of consent regarding deliveries to supermarkets throughout the state.

“An amendment to the SEPP can be made and have effect in hours. This is simply a question of will.
“This is a change that could create jobs and relieve the concern felt by so many which is clearing the shelves and thus, creating a cycle of concern and, for some, panic.

“I am confident that such a change would have the unanimous support of all political parties and the community. I for one would be delighted to hear a truck heading for the supermarket to restock the shelves at 4am. I would rest easier knowing that the shelves were full”, Mr Forrest said.

Some Councils, including Liverpool Council, have already advised that they will not enforce these conditions. However, to ensure consistency and compliance with the law, the Government should make this simple change without delay.

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