State significant precinct at Waterloo essential to drive a quality outcome

The announcement by the NSW Government that the Waterloo urban renewal precinct will be a State Significant Precinct will ensure a quality outcome, says the Urban Taskforce.


“With a new metro rail station and the renewal of the social housing estate on government owned land it is clear that this project must be the responsibility of the state government,” says Urban Taskforce CEO, Chris Johnson. “The co-ordination of government agencies including roads, transport, planning and community services reinforces the need for the state government to drive this project and to be the approval body.”

“The decision to make a large project located around state government infrastructure like the Sydney Metro sets a good precedent for similar sites. It is the NSW Government that delivers the metro rail infrastructure and it is essential that robust development is able to be developed as a response to this massive expenditure by the state government.”

“While the City of Sydney Council will be involved in the project the Urban Taskforce is concerned that the council has previously presented excessively high density images to the local community implying a degraded environment. The very successful redevelopment at Central Park on Broadway at 1,000 people per hectare is a good example of how density can lead to quality solutions. Central Park was also assessed as a State Significant project.”

“The private sector is keen to be involved in a major project like the Waterloo urban renewal and the Urban Taskforce looks forward to working with the government on the project.”