Redfern-Waterloo Granville Growth Centres

21 December 2010

In our last Member Alert we advised that the NSW Government had published a new State Environmental Planning Policy (Urban Renewal) 2010. The SEPP applies to “potential precincts” which are the areas that the Government suggests are right for renewal.

Apparently SEPP aims to establish a process for assessing and identifying sites as urban renewal precincts and then “facilitate” redevelopment in these locations to achieve desired urban renewal objectives.

The potential precincts are the area currently managed by the Redfern-Waterloo Authority; the Granville town centre and surrounds and an area centered about Honeysuckle Drive in Newcastle.

An Order has also been made to amend the Growth Centres (Development Corporations) Act 1974. The order establishes the Redfern-Waterloo lands and Granville town centre as “growth centres” (to be known as the Redfern-Waterloo Growth Centre and the Granville Growth Centre) and constitutes a development corporation (to be known as the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority) in respect of these growth centres.

The order can be accessed from here.