Online Construction Code the way of the future

02 February 2015

The free online version of the National Construction Code is the way of the future to ensure industry meets standards, says the Urban Taskforce.


“The agreement between state, territory and the national government to provide the National Construction Code online and free of charge will help maintain standards in the construction and development industry,” says Urban Taskforce CEO, Chris Johnson. “The more the world of planning and development uses online regulations and controls the more time is available to focus on developing quality projects.”


“The NSW Government is investing significantly in e-planning and the flow on to national building codes that help the industry become more efficient is important.”


“The NSW planning system is catching up with countries like Singapore and Norway where most planning processes are now online. Within a few years the whole process from strategic planning, to planning controls, development applications, assessments, compliance with the many state and national codes and even community information of what a project looks like will be available online.”


“At the national level the many Australian Standards that the National Construction Code refers to will also need to be available free of charge online.”


“It is good to see the states, territories and the national government all working together to make the access to regulations and information more streamlined for users.”


Download PDF Version.