Olympic towers signal the shape of Sydney’s future development

The plan for 45 storey towers at Sydney Olympic Park signals a lift in the aspirations for development across Sydney says the Urban Taskforce.

“The Sydney Olympic Park Masterplan 2030 proposes significantly more development at Sydney
Olympic Park, including 45 storey towers. This sets the scene for growth across metropolitan
Sydney.” says Urban Taskforce CEO Chris Johnson “The site has been struggling to gain critical
mass and the big jump in apartment numbers and in jobs will make it a cosmopolitan bustling

“To really make the site work a new western metro line that also connected the Bays Precinct,
Camellia and Strathfield should be planned to relieve the congested western heavy rail line.”

“The NSW Government must stimulate similar development at other centres like Chatswood and
Hurstville where the private sector can find it difficult to obtain uplifts in height and density,
rezonings and development approvals. A level playing field is required to ensure all development
can proceed in a timely manner rather than favouring government owned land.”

“The suggestion of infrastructure levies at Sydney Olympic Park needs to be carefully managed
to ensure that they do not slow down development by reducing the financial feasibility.”
“The 45 storey vision for Sydney Olympic Park now needs to be reflected in the District Plans for
Metropolitan Sydney that are due out soon.”

“The Urban Taskforce also supports the adoption of a flexible mixed use zone in key areas of the
Sydney Olympic Park Town Centre, which will encourage a combination of retail, commercial
and residential development. This is needed to ensure the town centre develops into a lively and
well-integrated place to live, work and play.”

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