NSW Labor not going far enough to eliminate corruption perception

Jodie McKay has not gone far enough.

All additional income should be banned.

Surely politics on all sides need a thorough sterilisation.

Why open up your reputation to damage?

Urban Taskforce calls for a ban on all members of Parliament from receiving ANY additional income for employment or services.

The only priority of an MP is to their constituents.

Politicians trust is eroded when they are not 100% focused on their constituents’ interests and are moonlighting as consultants. This needs to end now.

To regain the community’s trust MP’s should be banned from having any additional income outside of their Parliamentary responsibilities.

No extra income at all. Only pro bono (free) work, and/or work to maintain professional qualifications is acceptable.

If it is not OK for property developers or tobacco and gaming industry representatives to donate to political parties in NSW, why then is it acceptable for politicians to earn fees from the private sector which could potentially create conflict of interest issues?

We need to clean up the perception of corruption and that starts with our elected parliamentary leaders.

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