Multiple site programs proposal

01 November 2010

In our Member Alert of 13 October 2010, we advised you that the Department of Planning has prepared a discussion paper on the delivery of “multiple site programs”. At that time the paper had not yet been publicly released. The paper has now been circulated and is available here.

The idea is to create “pathways for efficiently dealing with a number of similar developments by the same proponent on a number of sites in different local government areas across NSW”.

The proposed arrangements apply to:

  • shops, including supermarkets, hardware and building supplies, bulky goods premises, landscape and garden supplies;
  • food and drink premises;
  • warehouse and distribution facilities;
  • tourist facilities; and
  • health services facilities such as medical centres.

The arrangements do not extend to offices, business premises and entertainment facilities.
However, it only applies to “multiple-sites” which means:

  • at least six sites;
  • at least half outside the Sydney Metropolitan Strategy area; and
  • must be the same class of development and the same proponent.

Economic generation criteria must be satisfied, i.e. either

  • newly built with a capital investment value of at least $5 million each; OR
  • 600 EFT operational jobs (average of 83 each).

The development proposals must address:

  • strategies;
  • infrastructure;
  • access considerations;
  • urban design opportunities;
  • proximity to labour markets;
  • environmental considerations; and
  • strategic, economic and social issues.

If the Department of Planning is satisfied that the above criteria are met, a site Multiple Sites Program Certificate may be issued. Fees will be as per Part 3A.

The Minister for Planning becomes the consent authority under Part 4 and otherwise prohibited development may be approved. An expert panel will advise the Minister.

This just a draft proposal.  It may not proceed.  The Urban Taskforce is currently finalising its submission, following a meeting of our Planning Reform Subcommittee yesterday.