Minister Stokes steps back from blanket cuts to construction hours on weekends

The NSW Minister for Planning has today advised the Urban Taskforce that the proposed changes (announced yesterday) to construction hours which were initially announced at the start of COVID-19 will now be maintained for a month to allow for industry consultation prior to any change.

Urban Taskforce strongly opposed the sudden, unexpected announcement of a return to “normal hours of construction work”.

This reprieve will give the property of construction sector a chance to make a case for making the extended hours permanent where there is no impact (or little impact) on local residents.

Minister Stokes has also agreed to meet with industry representatives to consider what compromise might be possible.

At a time when we need industry and government pulling in the same direction for the sake of the economy and for the sake of the production of housing supply, this amelioration of the Minister’s position is welcome.

Urban Taskforce, with the support of a range of media, said yesterday that there is time for a re-think – today a re-think has occurred, and this is welcome news indeed.

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