Local matters

01 September 2010

The Barangaroo Delivery Authority has publicly released its Project Development Agreement with Lend Lease. Details are here.

An amendment to the Cessnock LEP is on exhibition until 3 September 2010. The land the subject of this amendment is known as the Kitchener Urban Release Area adjoining the existing village of Kitchener. The amendments are apparently required to confirm the correct zoning of land and to require that satisfactory arrangements be made for designated State public infrastructure. Further information can be accessed from here.

The NSW Government Architect Peter Mould has been appointed to undertake an expert review of the preliminary environmental assessment submitted for the redevelopment of the Coogee Bay Hotel site and provide a report to the NSW Department of Planning. Further information including, the background to this proposal, can be accessed from here.

The City of Sydney councillors will soon be asked to endorse a final draft of the comprehensive Sydney Local Environmental Plan before it is referred to the Department of Planning and public exhibition. We understand that the matter will come before the September round of Council and Central Sydney Planning Committee meetings. The officer reports and accompanying draft LEP and maps should be on Council’s website later this week. You can check here for access to Council documents

The land known as Heathcote Ridge within the Sutherland local government area has been included as a state significant site of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Major Development) 2005. Further information can be found on PDF page 34 of 102 of the 20 August 2010 edition of the Government Gazette here.

The NSW Minister for Planning, Tony Kelly, has announced a state environmental planning policy which rezones approximately 33 hectares land owned by Australand and Breen for low density housing, adjacent to the existing residential areas of Cronulla. Approximately 91 hectares of land has also been set aside for public recreation and conservation purposes. The rezoning of the land will apparently clear the way for the construction of around 420 houses. The government’s media release is here.

The draft Richmond Valley Local Environmental Plan 2010 will be publicly exhibited from 6 September 2010 to 29 October 2010. Further information on this plan will be available from here.

The NSW Government has approved the Warner Industrial Park on the Central Coast. The industrial park will include warehousing; distribution centres; transport depots, and manufacturing, which will form a key component of the Wyong Employment Zone. The Premier’s media release is available here.

Additional growth centre land in the West Schofields and Leppington precincts has been released for urban development. This means that the government is now obliged to prepare a “development code” in the planning of these precincts. Further information can be found on PDF pages 35 and 36 of 102 of the 20 August 2010 edition of the Government Gazette here.