Local issues

01 November 2010

The Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2010 has been approved. The Minister for Planning, Tony Kelly says that this Plan allows for the expansion of business areas and creates new enterprise corridors.

We are told that Lidcombe and Auburn town centres will be expanded with a focus on mixed use developments containing retail, commercial office space and residential units. The existing industrial land on Parramatta Rd and Silverwater Rd has been rezoned as enterprise corridors which are supposed to allow existing industrial uses to continue, while also encouraging new types of business operations including large-scale retailers and commercial office buildings. The Government’s media release may be accessed from here. The Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2010 may be accessed from here.

Holroyd Council is exhibiting its draft comprehensive local environmental plan and supporting development control plan. The public exhibition period for the Draft LEP and Draft DCP will conclude on Friday 3 December 2010. Council says that the plan establishes new high and medium density zoned residential areas while maintaining 80 per cent of residential areas as low density. The plan also provides for the expansion of local business centre zones. Further information may be accessed from here.

Barry O’Farrell says he will axe the Hunter’s Tillegra dam development if he is elected Premier. More detail is here.

The exhibition period for the Huntlee New Town development proposal has been extended to 17 November 2010. More detail is here.

The Newcastle – Lake Macquarie Western Corridor Planning Strategy has been released. The Strategy relates to a 20 kilometre corridor from Beresfield in the Newcastle local government area to Killingworth in Lake Macquarie LGA. The Government says that this area has the potential to accommodate up to 8,000 new dwellings and 1,500 hectares of employment land. We understand that the strategy will inform the continued preparation of local environmental plans for these local governments. The strategy suggests that the northern section of the corridor, around Black Hill, would support employment lands. The central development area around Minmi, Wallsend and Edgeworth is identified as a potential residential area and the southern section based at West Wallsend and Killingworth could support employment lands. A residential investigation area is identified near West Wallsend and Killingworth. The strategy may be accessed from here.

The public exhibition of the draft Parramatta Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan finished in May 2010. Submissions received during the exhibition period were considered by Council and resulted in some proposed amendments to the draft LEP. Some of these amendments are being exhibited until 19 November 2010. Apparently these amendments mostly relate to changes in controls that may apply to specific properties if the LEP was made. Further information may be accessed from here.