JRPP overrules council staff

24 August 2010

Earlier this month, the Sydney East Joint Regional Planning Panel has unanimously approved a mixed use building in St Leonards that exceeds the height controls by two storeys, despite an adverse recommendation by both council staff and an urban design advisory panel.

A SEPP 1 objection was partially upheld (the developer’s request for four storeys in exceess of existing controls was wound back to two), despite the fact that the development would have been prohibited by a pending draft LEP and there were claims by councils staff that it was not compatible with surrounding development and the desired character for the St Leonards Town Centre. The development did comply with the relevant floor space ratio.

At the same meeting, the panel also unanimously approved a day procedure and diagnostic centre, despite an adverse recommendation by council officers.

Details of these projects, the council officers views and the minutes of the JRPP meeting are available here.