Healthy Environments

20 February 2005

The NSW Urban Taskforce was proud to support Healthy Environments which deals with the relationship between health, the built environment and sustainability.

This short book was launched at a NSW Urban Taskforce event in December 2004 by Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources, the Hon Craig Knowles MP.

Healthy Environments is a joint development industry, academic and government contribution to the Year of the Built Environment 2004 and will promote better outcomes in the built environment to the community, policy makers and the development industry.

Healthy Environments is a Year of the Built Environment 2004 project which evolved with from a core working group comprising the Government Architect Chris Johnson, Dr. Tony Capon, Medical Officer of Health, Western Sydney Area Health Service and the NSW Urban Taskforce. Lend Lease has kindly sponsored the publication and launch.

Healthy Environments comprises short papers prepared by a broad range of leading academics and experts who address the links between the built environment and various health factors including physical activity and obesity, mental health, food and nutrition, injury prevention and safety, indoor air quality, noise, water quality. In addition, case studies review examples of new healthy buildings and communities which set new directions for our future urban form.

The property development industry encourages debate on Healthy Environments. We believe that the future of our cities lies in providing urban and built forms which support the health of our communities. This is a new direction for planning and development – but one which ultimately must become a standard practice to ensure we build sustainable cities and environments. Healthy Environments is an important legacy supported by the NSW Urban Taskforce for the Year of the Built Environment 2004.

Copies of Healthy Environments are available from the NSW Urban Taskforce. Please call  +61 (02) 9238 3955 or email

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