Frenchs Forest development plan

The Department of Planning has placed a state significant Site study and proposed new zonings and planning controls to facilitate the growth of Frenchs Forest on exhibition until 7 February 2011.

Apparently this investigation will consider the potential for part of Frenchs Forest to be developed as a major medical, jobs and retail cluster around the proposed northern beaches hospital. The plan is to create “development opportunities” for mixed use, business park, residential and commercial uses. The Department of Planning has engaged consultants Cox Richardson to help prepare the study. The government media release is here and state significant site study is here.

Already a “Save Frenches Forest” group and website has been established to organise opposition.

The Shadow Planning Minister, Brad Hazzard, has responded to the government’s proposal: “There would have to be a lot of justification for me to support this,” he said.

“I would be saying to the department, ‘you have to be kidding yourself’.

“Call me cynical, but we’ve seen no improvement in infrastructure to cope with the current number of residents let alone any proposal for massive growth.

“It’s beyond laughable and it’s like someone has sat in an air-conditioned office, well away from Frenchs Forest, and decided we can have more houses.

“I will be challenging this with the Department of Planning because there’s more chance of it snowing in Frenchs Forest at Christmas.”

A report of Mr Hazzard’s comments is available here.