Even without rail links, Sydney must still grow

26 December 2008

The Urban Taskforce today said that Sydney must still be permitted to grow, even if new rail links arent built to the north west and south west.

The Taskforces chief executive, Aaron Gadiel, rejected Professor Ed Blakelys suggestion today that the only reason for building new homes in Western Sydney was rail to make use of new rail links.


Young Sydney families still need the choice of a freestanding home of their own, Mr Gadiel said.


This requires a strong supply of newly built houses this year and every year.


Without such a supply, the great Australian dream will simply disappear.


Mr Gadiel said that there were also sound economic reasons to quickly rezone more land and open up new suburbs in the fringe areas of Sydney.


The construction sector is Australias third largest source of employment.


For every million dollars spent in development projects, 27 jobs are created throughout the economy.


Mr Gadiel supported government moves to update the draft planning strategies for North West and South West Sydney.


New plans are an opportunity to support $2 billion in new job-creating development in Western Sydney, he said.


Mr Gadiel said that the State Budget, delivered in May, promised the rapid release of 11,000 hectares of employment land in Western Sydney.


Now that the North West Metro and the South West Rail Link are not going ahead, we need an even greater focus on jobs in Western Sydney, Mr Gadiel said.


Western Sydney could become the jobs centre of NSW radically improving the lives of the regions 1.6 million residents.


If we cant bring residents of Western Sydney to the jobs, then we must bring the jobs to Western Sydney.


The new strategies for the North West and South West must now rezone the ˜Western Sydney Employment Lands Investigation Area for development as a matter of urgency.


By creating tens of thousands of new local jobs in Western Sydney, locals will enjoy the benefits of less time spent travelling and more time with their friends and family.


Everyone in Sydney will win with reduced pressure on the existing congested public transport and roads.


We should look beyond the traditional manufacturing industries and embrace business parks, offices and retail development.


Pharmaceuticals, information and communications technology and advanced manufacturing are crucial to the future of Western Sydney.


Many of these activities will be located in business parks away from older industrial areas.


The Urban Taskforce is a property development industry group, representing Australias most prominent property developers and equity financiers.



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