Design competition for Parramatta cultural centre needs cross party support

The announcement by the NSW Government that they will hold an international design competition for the relocation of the Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta needs to be matched by the opposition for their proposed cultural centre says the Urban Taskforce.

“Clearly a new cultural building in Parramatta needs to be a world class design and the NSW Government’s approach to hold an international competition should guarantee a quality result.” says Urban Taskforce CEO Chris Johnson “The NSW Opposition has proposed a different type of cultural facility and it also needs to be a world class design.”

“The government has announced some members of a jury but not including the NSW Government Architect. The famous Sydney Opera House international design competition did include the NSW Government Architect. The NSW Government’s approach and the Opposition’s approach for a signature building in Parramatta must include the Government Architect on the competition jury.”

“The previous NSW Government Architect, Peter Poulet, resigned in October last year but a new Government Architect has not been announced despite interviews being held. With the government about to be constrained on new appointments due to the March election we believe this important position needs to be filled as soon as possible.”

“The Urban Taskforce believes that both the Opposition’s proposal and the Government’s proposal for Parramatta can give Western Sydney an iconic cultural building that anchors the river city as one of Sydney’s three cities.”

“As Sydney becomes more urban and more dense as the city moves from 5 million people to 8 million people, as outlined by the Greater Sydney Commission plans, design quality will be an essential part of how the growth is built. The role of the NSW Government Architect is essential in helping steer the future built form of Sydney.”

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