Compliance and enforcement policies

10 December 2010

The NSW Government has been spruiking its new compliance and enforcement policies.

The Planning Minister Tony Kelly has said that: ‘The message is clear, compliance with the government’s approval conditions is closely monitored and when breaches occur we will enforce the state’s planning laws including, if necessary, through the courts.

The new policies were adopted in September 2010, they are:

  • Compliance Policy – outlining how the Department of Planning conducts its compliance monitoring and enforcement activities;
  • Breach Management Guidelines – outlining how the Department manages potential breaches of the EP&A Act which come to its attention;
  • Prosecution Guidelines – outlining the basis upon which a decision to prosecute is made and the factors to be taken into account in bringing prosecutions; and
  • Penalty Notice Guidelines – outlining the matters addressed by the Department when issuing penalty notices for offences under the EP&A Act and Regulations.