Changes to the Seniors Living SEPP

The State Environmental Planning Policy (Seniors Living) 2004 (Amendment No. 2) was published in the government gazette today to commence on 12 October 2007.



The policy renames the State Environmental Planning Policy (Seniors Living) 2004 as the State Environmental Planning Policy (Housing for Seniors or People with a Disability) 2004


The aims of this policy are:

  • To require a strategic assessment to be carried out by the Director-General to ensure that the use of certain land under the SEPP is compatible with the surrounding environment.
  • To end (on 31 December 2008) certain provisions of the SEPP that limit itsapplication to various local government areas.
  • To permit development for the purposes of serviced self-care housing in certain circumstances on land that is adjacent land zoned for urban purposes.
  • To clarify the circumstances in which land is to be regarded as being zoned for urban purposes or adjacent to land zoned for urban purposes.
  • To permit development under the SEPP for seniors housing on land where there is already a registered club.
  • To extend the SEPP to land subject to an interim heritage order or a listing on the State Heritage Register and to bush fire prone land.
  • To make it clear that the SEPP continues to apply to land even if it has been identified under SEPP 71 – Coastal Protection or, if a registered club is already on the land, the land is zoned as private open space or open space where dwellings or dwelling-houses are permitted.
  • To remove duplication and amend and consolidate standards in the SEPP concerning accessibility and useability for hostels and self-contained dwellings.
  • To make additional provisions with regard to development consents for vertical villages.
  • To reinstate provisions concerning transport and other service standards for serviced self-care housing on land adjoining land zoned primarily for urban purposes.
  • To make other more minor amendments.

The amendment document can be found on the web here.

The Department of Planning will post information on it here shortly.

The submission that the NSW Urban Taskforce made when the draft was exhibited is here.