Brighton-Le-Sands could become like the French Riviera- A New Hot Spot

The land facing Botany Bay at Brighton-Le-Sands could be developed in the style of the French Riviera, says the Urban Taskforce.

“When Brighton-Le-Sands was originally developed in the 1880s it was seen as a resort destination rivalling England’s Brighton and the French Riviera,” says Urban Taskforce CEO, Chris Johnson. “But the lofty ambitions were never realised and now is the time to make Brighton-Le-Sands a new lifestyle hot spot.”

“The growing interest in light rail across the Sydney metropolitan area could be extended to a new light rail line from Wolli Creek station along the Grand Parade to Brighton-Le-Sands and back through Rockdale. This would give residents an excellent public transport link to the massive number of jobs in the Sydney CBD.”

“The Urban Taskforce believes public transport infrastructure must be linked to significant new development to help with Sydney’s growing new housing needs as well as making the public transport viable. Around 10,000 new dwellings could be located in mainly 8 storey buildings with views over the beach. At town centre nodes taller buildings up to 20 storeys could emphasise these centres.”

“In the late 1880s Thomas Saywell built extensive public swimming baths with their own promenade and a tram connection back to Rockdale Station. The main road alongside the waterfront was named The Grand Parade in expectation of big things to come and the suburb was named after the English beach resort of Brighton with a French twist – Brighton-Le-Sands.”

“The potential development of a new resort style precinct at Brighton-Le-Sands is an example of the need to finds similar locations to house Sydney’s growing population. Over the next 40 to 50 years, in one generation, we will need to double the number of dwellings Sydney currently has so every new opportunity to locate 10,000 new dwellings must be explored in detail.”

See below images for potential light rail loop around Botany Bay and development along Brighton-Le- Sands:

Botany Bay Rail Loop

Brighton le sands development

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