20 June 2011

The NSW Government will proceed with a review of the Barangaroo development. The terms of reference for the Barangaroo review have been released and submissions will be received until 20 June 2011 (i.e. today). The Governments media release is here.

The NSW Auditor-General has released a report on Government expenditure and transport planning for the implementation of the Barangaroo project. The Auditor-General says that considerable risks remain for the implementation of the Barangaroo project. In particular he points out that the success of Barangaroo depends very much on people being able to travel in and out of the precinct with ease. Wynyard station which is nearing capacity will need to handle a predicted increase of 3,900 Barangaroo commuters daily from December 2013, growing to 8,700 in September 2015, 13,100 in December 2020 and 14,300 in December 2023. More information is here.