Affordable housing policy should have more impact

07 September 2010

Instead of attacking planning rules because they allow new homes to be built close to public transport, the Urban Taskforce says that Holroyd Mayor, John Perry, should focus on the NSW Government’s narrow definition of “affordable housing”. In todays Sydney Morning Herald Mr Perry expresses concern that three-quarters of his municipality was now available for apartment development (Sneaky moves alters building landscape).

Mr Gadiel said the Affordable Housing Planning Policy is currently a niche scheme and it will not make a serious dent in the housing crisis, and nor will it impact the urban landscape.


It doesn’t apply to owner-occupied homes or homes rented out by ordinary mum and dad landlords, Mr Gadiel said.


Instead the policy focuses on the construction of public housing and other rental homes run by accredited charities. Public housing providers and charities undertake important work, but planning policies should not unfairly discriminate against people who want to own their own home, or are renting on a modest income and do not qualify for public housing.


We ask local councils to support – rather than oppose – new home construction.


We ask the NSW Government to expand its Affordable Housing Policy to enable more owner-occupied homes and rental homes for low and middle income earners to be built in Sydney.


The Urban Taskforce is a property development industry group, representing Australias most prominent property developers and equity financiers.


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