Young Developers Forum


Pioneering the use of social data in citymaking

Thursday 11 July 2019

Corrs Sydney

6.00pm – 7.30pm

Neighbourlytics is a globally-unique SaaS data analytics platform helping governments & property developers understand and measure local life in the neighbourhoods they plan, create and manage. Launched in Melbourne in Oct 2017, their proprietary technology has already delivered hyperlocal, real-time data and insights to more than 500 neighbourhoods across 10 countries. The social data dashboards are used across the city-making sector helping government teams to identify local strengths and needs, property developers to create places people love and feel connected to, and asset managers to track the performance of their assets over time. Neighbourlytics is now turning their attention to creating summary metrics on wellbeing to enable benchmarking of neighbourhoods across Australia and the world.


Jessica Christiansen-Franks

Jessica Christiansen-Franks is an urban designer and social entrepreneur who has dedicated her career to understanding the social dynamics of urbanisation. Passionate about creating neighbourhoods people love and feel connected to, Jessica is a thought leader in innovative citizen participation, and particularly the value of ‘placemaking’ as a tool for collaboration and inspiring active citizenship. With experience across Australia, as well as the UK, Canada, India, Vietnam and the Philippines, Jessica has been fortunate enough to advise the public and private sectors, along with major international aid agencies. As Co-founder and CEO of Neighbourlytics, Jessica has side stepped into the world of big data to develop a social analytics platform for neighbourhood development. Neighbourlytics harnesses social data feeds to provide real time insights into local neighbourhood identity, place attachment and social connectedness. A champion for the citizen voice, Jessica is Vice Chair of the Smart Cities Council’s (AusNZ) Centre for Civic Innovation.

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