Strata reforms essential for Sydney’s growth

28 October 2015

The passing of reforms to the NSW strata laws sets a platform for Sydney’s growth says the Urban Taskforce.


“The passing of the Strata Scheme Management Bill and of the Strata Scheme Development Bill is the culmination of years of discussion and consultation between government, industry and the community.” Says Urban Taskforce CEO Chris Johnson “The Urban Taskforce has championed reform for many years as it is clear that strata living is becoming mainstream in our urban areas. To have legislation that is contemporary with modern living is essential.”


“We congratulate the Parliament and the NSW government in not weakening the reforms after significant scaremongering from some interest groups. The change to a 75% agreement by lot holders in a strata scheme to allow termination of the strata scheme, allows the site to be redeveloped. This iscritical to ensuring ageing, substandard apartment buildings can be replaced with modern buildings which meet all building standards and cater to the current housing market.”


“We believe the legislation contains all the necessary checks and balances to protect the interests of the more vulnerable strata owners. The Urban Taskforce is keen to work with the NSW Government in developing the regulations that will sit with the two acts to ensure fair processes are achieved for all.”


“The potential for urban renewal of precincts with 50 year old walk up flats has now been increased with the 75% rule, but planning and zoning changes will also be needed to lead to real urban renewal. The NSW Government should develop a Complying Code for mid-rise apartments that ensure quicker approvals for proposals that fit the code. New apartments up to 6 storeys and in some cases 8 storeys could provide significant urban renewal. Without a significant uplift on the existing floor space allowed it will not be economical for new development to occur.”


“The Urban Taskforce is keen to work with the Greater Sydney Commission and the Department of Planning and Environment to develop planning approaches that encourage renewal of existing precincts of old unit blocks.”


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