Parramatta Light Rail must stimulate development along the route

The announcement by Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, of the preferred route for Parramatta’s light rail must be complemented by increased density along the route, says the Urban Taskforce.

“The two stages for the Parramatta light rail are well located to stimulate significant development along the routes,” says Urban Taskforce CEO, Chris Johnson. “The connections to the Westmead Hospital precinct, to Carlingford and the second stage through Melrose Park and across the Parramatta River to Sydney Olympic Park can stimulate significant development particularly on the north side of the river.”

“The Urban Taskforce believes that when transport infrastructure projects are announced there should be a related announcement about the number of new homes to be developed. Communities often complain about the lack of infrastructure related to new development so when the government is committing to new infrastructure local communities must understand that increased development density will come with this.”

“Along with the proposed Metro West rail link between Parramatta and the Sydney CBD the light rail now gives a very significant public transport network for this important part of metropolitan Sydney.”

“Sydney’s early development linked Parramatta and Sydney Cove closely with the first toll road. There was a Government House in both cities symbolising their equal importance. The public transport commitments by the NSW Government two hundred years after the first public transport links between the two cities carries on the importance of this region for development.”

“The possible alternative through Camellia could be a boost to development in this precinct although this needs to be balanced with the potential for a station on the Metro West line. With the Parramatta light rail now substantially determined, the NSW Government needs to decide the locations for the Metro West stations so there can be good connections between the two transport modes.”

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