Night-time Economy Needs Urban Apartment Density


The announcement by the City of Sydney Council of new rules to support the night-time economy is good news for the many people living in urban apartments, says the Urban Taskforce.


“The character of inner city areas like Surry Hills, Glebe, Barangaroo, Green Square and Waterloo has changed significantly with the arrival of so many people living in apartments in these areas.” says Urban Taskforce CEO Chris Johnson. “It is good that the City of Sydney has responded to this evolving urban lifestyle by relaxing trading hours to support a night time economy.”


“In the lead up to the recent New South Wales election there was significant concern raised by some politicians about the extent of apartment development, and that they did not seem to support the new lifestyle that comes with greater density. Apartment dwellers, particularly millennials, are looking for a ‘sharing’ lifestyle where they live close to amenities and an exciting urban scene. The moves by the City of Sydney, driven by Councillor Jess Scully, to reactivate the night time economy in the urban precincts will be strongly supported by the community.”


“The Urban Taskforce has developed a campaign to support young apartment dwellers and their more sharing lifestyle called ‘Welcome Home’ (  ) where we profile the stories of younger apartment dwellers and their more urban and more sharing lifestyle.”


One example is James who lives in an apartment in Summer Hill.


“I love the local music scene here in Summer Hill. I’m just a stone’s throw from my local bar that has live music every Thursday, everyone knows everyone.” says James.


“The initiative by the City of Sydney will help many inner city residents get to interesting music venues and night time bars. Sydney is a global city and an important part of our diverse community are the younger people who want a lively, creative music and arts scene.”


“The Urban Taskforce recommends other councils, like the City of Parramatta and North Sydney, should follow the initiatives of the City of Sydney and establish vibrant night time economies as more apartments are built in their centres which are occupied by young people wanting to explore the surrounding activities that come with a night time economy.”


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