New Rules for Certifiers Good for the Development Industry

The proposed new legislation on the process of certifying building projects in NSW is good for the development industry says the Urban Taskforce.

“Minister for Fair Trading Victor Dominello, has announced that the government will re-structure the process of certification in NSW.” says Urban Taskforce CEO Chris Johnson “ A crucial change is to make certifiers more independent by stopping the process where a developer choses their own certifier. While in the majority of cases the current system has led to good results there is no doubt that community perceptions have been concerned at a potential conflict. The minister’s proposals will remove this conflict.”

“The Urban Taskforce supports the changes to the certifying process as this will lead to a more professional independent process. It is important that communities have confidence in the decision making and approval process for new buildings from approval of development applications right through to the final approval for a building through an Occupation Certificate.”

“The proposed changes are a response by the NSW Government to Statutory Review of the Building Professionals Act undertaken by Michael Lambert. This wide ranging review has called for changes and the government’s announcement indicates that the changes are now likely to happen.”

“One area that Minister Dominello has driven is the greater use of data on the certifying process so that transparent information is available on the processes and the degree of conformance. Another change is to enhance the accreditation of certifiers and to prioritise reforms in the certification of fire safety through specialist inspections and tighter controls.”

“The Urban Taskforce is keen to be involved in further discussion with the NSW Government on changes to the certification process. It is important that professional certifiers are supported by the government and that a balance between improving certification and not introducing too much red tape is maintained.”

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