Mick Cassel to drive DPE to deliver more Homes

Urban Taskforce CEO, Tom Forrest, today welcomed the announcement of Mick Cassel’s appointment to the position of Secretary of the new Planning and Environment portfolio.

Mick Cassel has spent a career working in real estate and construction.

Prior to joining the Land and Housing Corporation, Mr Cassel led the NSW Government’s Revitalising Newcastle Program then became Chief Executive of the Hunter and Central Coast Regional Development Corporation.

After joining the Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) in 2019, Mr Cassel rose to the position of CEO – part of DPIE. Ironically, LAHC, just like so many private sector developers, were regularly frustrated by their planning colleagues.  As CEO of LAHC, Mr Cassel has sought to work closely with the private sector and has been a champion of collaborative partnerships.

With a clear mandate to deliver homes of all types, Mick Cassel is an ideal choice as the new Secretary.

Mr Cassel has a clear mandate to address measures which limit the supply of new homes. Urban Taskforce calls on the Government to put a stop to all new measures which put upward pressure on housing prices.

Urban Taskforce would like to thank outgoing Secretary, Kiersten Fishburn.  Kiersten came into DPIE at the peak of the first round of the COVID crisis and did an excellent job as the head of the Planning Delivery Unit.  While her tenure at the top was short, Ms Fishburn had an immediate impact, building bridges with industry stakeholders and building for the post COVID recovery.

Urban Taskforce members look forward to working with Ms Fishburn in the future and wish her well.  It is hoped that she finds a permanent place in Transport for NSW

Ms Fishburn took on the position Secretary in October 2021 following the sudden departure of Jim Betts.

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