MEDIA RELEASE: Urban Taskforce AGM elects David Ghannoum, Multiplex, to the position of Chair

Urban Taskforce Chief Executive, Tom Forrest, today thanked Peter Spira for his leadership as Chair of the Urban Taskforce over the past 3 years and wished him well. Mr Spira advised that he would step down from the position of Chair at the Urban Taskforce AGM, which was held today.

“Peter Spira was a steady, experienced hand providing wisdom and guidance as Chair of the Urban Taskforce over the last 3 years. Peter was always on hand to offer advice and support as we navigated the difficulties associated with COVID 19 and the frustrations associated with the ever increasingly complex process of obtaining an approval in NSW,” Mr Forrest said.

Founding Director of Urban Taskforce David Tanevski said he is sad to see Peter Spira leaves the role as Chair after so many years of being a key adviser and supporter of Urban Taskforce.

“Peter Spira has been a loyal friend of the Urban Taskforce for many years and will continue to be so. As General Manager of Meriton for over 30 years, Peter was on the Urban Taskforce Executive Committee and served as Deputy Chair until 2014. He took on the position of Chair of Urban Taskforce in 2020 and has guided us through the toughest of times with calm counsel and skill”, Mr Tanevski said.


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