Local matters

23 June 2010

Hurstville City Council is exhibiting changes to its Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and DCP. The draft LEP will introduce the new Zone No. 3(d) – City Centre Commercial Core Zone in the Hurstville LEP 1994. This zone will only allow commercial, retail and other services for certain land in the Hurstville City Centre. Residential development will be prohibited in the new zone.

The draft DCP changes are designed to ensure that the provisions contained in DCP apply to the new 3(d) Zone. The draft Plans will be on exhibition until 16 July 2010 and more information can be obtained from here.

Strathfield Council is proposing new development contributions plans to replace its existing contributions plan 2001. The draft Strathfield Direct Development Contributions Plan 2010-2030 (replacing the existing Section 94 plan) and draft Strathfield Indirect Development Contributions Plan (Section 94A plan introducing a levy of up to 1 per cent of development cost) will be on exhibition until 12 July 2010. Further information can be obtained from here.

When the Western Sydney Employment Area SEPP was published in August 2009, its main zone (the IN1 “general industrial zone”) had an objective to “provide for small-scale local services such as commercial, retail and community facilities … that service or support the needs of employment-generating uses in the zone”. However, food and drink premises and service stations were prohibited, despite this zone objective. We’re pleased to say that some commonsense has prevailed, and the government has amended the SEPP to add these uses to the zone. The change to the SEPP is here.

Wingecarribee Shire Council has a new LEP. Wingecarribee LEP 2010 was gazetted on 16 June and is now in force. The Council has also adopted a number of new development control plans that are said to support the new LEP. More information can be accessed from here.