Federal Housing Minister Raises Concerns About NSW Slow Planning System

In a front page interview in the Financial Review federal Housing Minister, Michael Sukkar, has raised concerns about the slow planning system in NSW, says the Urban Taskforce.


“The Federal Minister for Housing Michael Sukkar understands that many levers must be pulled to re-activate housing supply across Australia.” says Urban Taskforce CEO Chris Johnson. “Minister Sukkar in a wide ranging interview with the Financial Review has raised concerns about credit restrictions on banks as well as concerns about slow planning systems particularly in NSW. The minister wants to see upward growth in house prices, as the home is the biggest asset for most people, but not at excessive rates.”


“The Urban Taskforce supports Michael Sukkar’s assessment of the need to stimulate the housing sector, which has seen a big drop in approvals and in presales. It is vital that a number of policy levers are used to help the ailing industry. While the re-election of the Morrison Government has given increased confidence to the industry, concerns about major structural defects in a few tall buildings and the dramatic increase in professional indemnity insurance premiums for certifiers, along with the removal of the cap on local infrastructure contributions, are dampening industry confidence.”


“The NSW housing sector is in confusing times at the moment, and a clear plan is needed to ease the industry back into production. Minister Sukkar has said that the NSW planning system needs to be streamlined to support new housing construction. Our members confirm that the planning systems in other states are more streamlined.”


“The NSW Government needs to provide leadership in planning, as well as in the regulation of the building industry, but overly focussing on one profession like certifiers will only lead to that role becoming un-viable due to excessive insurance costs. Clearly a careful balancing of reforms with long term viability of the housing industry will need to occur.”


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