Aerotropolis Community Commissioner finds landowner confusion over who is in charge

The Independent Community Commissioner Professor Roberta Ryan has released her report on the Western Sydney Aerotropolis concerns of landowners in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

The report finds there is widespread the confusion over who does what in the Aerotropolis and Western Parkland City. It states: “a strong message from the community and other key stakeholders is that it is not clear which agency has the overall responsibility for the significant coordination effort required for planning and delivering a new city at the Aerotropolis” (page 24).

This confusion is widespread and is reflected in feedback from large and small landowners.

The Report is frank, honest and should be seen as a model for independent advice to Government.

Professor Ryan’s recommendations for as fair and equitable way forward for small landowners in the Wester Sydney Aerotropolis should be seen as the model for all reports published by NSW policy and regulatory agencies.

After conducting consultation with large and small landowners, Professor Ryan made 40 recommendations, most of which have been supported by the Government.

Recommendations include:

  • Amend the Aerotropolis SEPP as a matter of priority including the rationalisation of the Environment and Recreation zoning
  • Establish an ongoing Independent Community Commissioner role
  • Establish funding for support and advisory for landowners including personal, financial, planning and property advisory

Read the full report and overview report.

A more detailed response to each recommendation is slated to be released by the Government in the coming months. The next report will include more detail on the changes needed to Precinct Plans and the SEPP.

The Urban Taskforce congratulates Professor Roberta Ryan, a highly esteemed public policy practitioner and academic, for delivering her report in 26 pages with clear recommendations, unencumbered by unnecessary layout and design affectation.

This report should be the benchmark for the production of all DPIE documents. Urban Taskforce supports the focus on the issues, solutions and recommendations, without any recourse to superficial glossy marketing imagery.

Download PDF Version.