60 storey Star Casino tower should lead the way for more tall buildings on the Pyrmont Peninsula

11 October 2016

The announcement of the three competing schemes for a 215 metre high six-star hotel and apartment building in Pyrmont opens up the potential for more towers on the peninsula, says Urban Taskforce.


“The bold designs for the Star Casino’s proposed 215 m high tower should lead to more towers on the Pyrmont peninsula,” says Urban Taskforce CEO, Chris Johnson. “The Sydney CBD peninsula is looking spectacular with its vertical combination of tall towers and as the city grows this should be balanced by something similar on the Pyrmont peninsula.”

“The new tall hotel at Darling Harbour has already set the precedent for a high-rise urban landscape for Pyrmont and the new Star Casino tower will complement this. We only need to fill in the space between the two towers and an exciting tower cluster could add a new dimension to Sydney.”

“With the White Bay development nearby it is clear that the energy for Sydney’s growth is now emerging on the peninsula to the west of the traditional city centre. It is important that new towers contain a mix of uses including retail, offices, apartments and hotels.”

“All three designs by Sydney architects Grimshaw, BVN and FJMT have great qualities and it will be difficult for the judges to select a winning design.”

The tower is anticipated to be completed within three years once a design has been selected and development approvals have been issued.

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