$30,000 levies for West Dapto

29 November 2010

An amended draft West Dapto section 94 contributions plan has been on public exhibition (the period ends today).

This plan relates to the West Dapto Release Area which covers an area of approximately 4,700 hectares and is proposed to provide an additional 17,010 dwellings and 183 hectares of employment land when fully developed. The plan assumes that it will take 55 years to develop the area.

Under this plan an overall development contribution rate for low density residential of $30,000 per dwelling/lot is proposed. If its finalised, the West Dapto plan will replace the existing Horsley contributions plan where a contribution for residential development is in the order of $10,500 per dwelling.

For industrial or employment land, the contribution rate has been set on a per hectare basis at approximately $38,742 per developable hectare.

Additionally, the NSW Department of Planning is undertaking further research, which may lead to a state infrastructure levy to fund of regional infrastructure, such as upgrades to the F6 Freeway and acquire land for schools. Further information is available from here.