5 RESEARCH INTO GREENING THE URBAN ENVIRONMENT JOCK GAMMON, Junglefy Jock Gammon runs an amazing company called Junglefy along with his biologist wife. He is a very passionate promoter of a greener environment. At the Urban Taskforce forum he presented the background to his company and the research he is conducting on the value of greenery. He makes statements like “Plants are the lungs of our cities”, “At Junglefy we want to accelerate the biological power of plants,” and “Plants in cities are as vital to its operations as the roads and structures within it.” Jock is working closely with researchers at the Faculty of Science in the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to measure the impact of greenery and to refine his “breathing wall” concept. They have found a dramatic reduction in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) through the use of plants which reduces Sick Building Syndrome. Plants also remove particulate matter from polluted air more efficiently than air conditioning does. Jock has rolled out green wall projects for Lendlease, Atlassian, The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and for an interesting car park project at Manly Vale. www.junglefy.com.au