4 NSW GOVERNMENT INITIATIVES TO MAKE SYDNEY GREENER BARBARA SCHAFFER, Office of Government Architect NSW Barbara Schaffer, Principal Landscape Architect at the office of the Government Architect NSW has steered a number of key initiatives from the state government that reinforce the importance of green infrastructure. The Green Grid for Sydney was developed initially around a study of the network of waterways and associated parks that weave through the Parramatta area. This was extended into a green network across Greater Sydney and then incorporated into the plans being developed by the Greater Sydney Commission. The Green Grid has then been the inspiration for a broader policy on greening across Sydney. The policy was launched in late 2017 as “GREENER PLACES - Establishing an Urban Green Infrastructure Policy for NSW”. The policy defines its role as “Green Infrastructure is the network of green spaces, natural systems and semi-natural systems including parks, rivers, bushland and private gardens that are strategically planned, designed and managed to support a good quality of life in an urban environment. Green Infrastructure should be envisioned as a three-dimensional envelope that surrounds and connects buildings, streets and utilities.” The publication goes on to outline elements of green infrastructure including parks, street trees, green roofs and green walls. The NSW Government has allocated $290 million dollars to the Green Infrastructure program with a focus on parks and street trees. The aim is to lift the current tree canopy from being 16% across metropolitan Sydney up to 40% with lower targets in urban centres. www.governmentarchitect.nsw.gov.au Civic Park, Newcastle