Young families shut out of ‘huge swaths of Sydney’, Minister warns


NIMBYs beware. Your garden may be a relic of history by 2050 if one of Australia’s leading architects has his way.

Glenn Murcutt said “a system of living” could be built in the backyards of established suburbs such as Mosman, where he lives in a semi-detached home, to house Sydney’s burgeoning population.

“Can you imagine coming off Mosman Junction … and there are these series of steps with houses underneath,” he said. “And you’re walking on the rooftop and the rooftops are gardens all the way down.”

Mr Murcutt’s suggestion comes as the NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes warned that young families were increasingly locked out of large areas of Sydney with top schools, green spaces and public facilities.

“If we’re not careful we’ll end up with large swaths of cities resembling the Florida Keys – just a whole bunch of large family homes with one or two older people living in them,” he said. “What a shame that families who once upon a time occupied these places won’t have those opportunities.”


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