When Flemington Markets relocate to the Aerotropolis the site can become a new green urban village

The announcement that Sydney Markets will move from Flemington to the Aerotropolis in Western Sydney means the existing Flemington site could become a new type of development says the Urban Taskforce.

“Sydney’s markets were originally in Haymarket close to Darling Harbour but as the city grew they moved west to Flemington closer to the then centre of Sydney at Parramatta.” Says Urban Taskforce CEO Chris Johnson “With Sydney now planned to have three city centres the announcement that the markets will move further west to be part of the third city at the Aerotropolis completes their move to the areas of growth. This will leave a large site at Flemington ripe for redevelopment.”

“The Urban Taskforce has asked Sydney architect Tony Owen to develop an exciting vision for the redevelopment of the Flemington site in a manner that retains a number of market uses.  Tony Owen’s proposal sets a new standard for urban renewal by incorporating greenery throughout the new built form. Buildings are dripping in greenery and lower height buildings have green roofs that are used for agriculture that could include cows grazing and free range chickens. There is another great benefit of the proposal in that all the greenery will reduce the heat build up on the site and manage water run off better as well as cleaning the air.”

“Flemington 2036 is a glimpse into how urban development will occur in the future. The main residential accommodation is in green towers that overlook the shared facilities and markets in the middle of the site. Tony Owen has cleverly located the tall buildings nearest the highway and commercial areas with lower buildings near existing residential areas.”

“The amazing potential of the Flemington site is that a whole community can live and work there with 10,000 residents and 4,000 workers all coming together in a park like environment.”

“What Tony Owen’s vision demonstrates is that urban environments can be green and connected to Urban Agriculture. The whole Flemington village will be self sustainable with the food grown on the site.”

“The Flemington site is well located between the Sydney CBD and the growing city of Parramatta and it has its own railway station. There is the option of providing a new station on the proposed Metro West line to further connect the site to jobs in Parramatta and in the Sydney CBD.”

“Redevelopment of a large site like the Flemington Markets must be a leading example of a new approach to urban living.”

View from the south

View from the west

View inside the market hall

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