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6 Why do you live in apartments The three top reasons for living in an apartment are Location Affordability and Public Transport. Weaving throughout the responses are the issues of proximity convenience and access. Apartment dwellers want proximity to the city proximity to public transport proximity to others as well as access to shared facilities. Apartment living is seen as being where the action is which implies a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Another interpretation is that access to facilities becomes more important than ownership of the facilities. The house dweller will own more cars a swimming pool and a garden while the apartment dweller will only need access to these facilities often in a shared way. Why do you live or want to live in an apartment as opposed to any other type of dwelling SURVEY QUESTION OwnersRentersIntendersTotal A shared public space Mascot Central by Meriton Vantage South by Meriton Rhodes 60 52 5568 AFFORDABILITY 56 40 6156 CLOSE TO PUBLIC TRANSPORT LINKSCONVENIENCE OF LOCATION 60 38 6860 APPROPRIATE TO CURRENT LIFESTYLE 51 42 5549 49 30 51 53 PROXIMITY TO THE CITY 48 27 51 53 ALLOWS ME TO LIVE WHERE I WANT