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15 Over 70 of apartment dwellers embrace growth and change and the development of more apartments in Sydney 76 Liberal 68 Labor 67 Greens I EMBRACE GROWTH AND ENJOY BEING A PART OF IT AND SEEING WHERE SYDNEY COULD GO IN THE FUTURE The ResearchNow survey also asked for political preferences of the apartment community so we have looked at the attitudes to growth and change through political preferences APARTMENT DWELLERS SEEM TO BE STRONGLY SUPPORTIVE OF FUTURE GROWTH THAT INCLUDES MORE APARTMENT BUILDINGS. Governments at state and local level need to take into account the apartment community which represents 56 of Sydney siders in relation to community attitudes to future growth. 2120 712 THERE SHOULD BE MORE APARTMENTS IT WOULD GIVE ME MORE CHOICE OF WHERE TO LIVE 5858 7558 APARTMENTS ARE A SIGN OF SYDNEY GROWTH AND ARE TO BE EXPECTED 2022 1831 THERE ARE TOO MANY APARTMENTS AND THEY NEED TO STOP TECHNOLOGY IN APARTMENTS HOW IMPORTANT IS CABLE OR SATELLITE CONNECTIONS IN AN APARTMENT 47 Liberal 33 Labor 16 Greens How do you feel about growth and development SURVEY QUESTION Total Intenders Investors Renters Owners 79 Liberal 66 Labor 62 Greens THE INCREASING NUMBER OF HOUSING DEVELOPMENTS IN SYDNEY ARE A SIGN OF GROWTH AND ARE TO BE EXPECTED 7 Liberal 14 Labor 16 Greens I ACTIVELY FIGHT GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT PLANS 711118 701119 74819 6421 15 701119 I hate change I fight growth I embrace growth