Urban Taskforce welcomes pro-growth Premier and leadership team

Urban Taskforce today offered Premier elect Dominic Perrottet and Deputy Premier elect Stuart Ayres the congratulations of our membership.  The construction and property development sector looks forward to working with the new team to drive economic growth under the new leadership team.

Dominic Perrottet and Stuart Ayres led the process of consultation with industry to re-open the construction sector after it was closed down in July.

NSW has been the driver of the Australian economy throughout the pandemic.  As Treasurer, Dominic Perrottet drove planning reforms.  Housing supply and housing affordability are the biggest threat that NSW faces as we move through to post COVID-19 recovery plan.

Dominic Perrottet and Stuart Ayres have shown strong commitment to jobs, economic growth and strong economic management.  Urban Taskforce looks forward to hearing the results of the Ministerial re-shuffle and working constructively to address the housing supply and affordability issues.

The immediate appointment of Brad Hazzard (Health) and Matt Kean (Treasurer) is a strong signal that the new team is determined to safely drive a steady path out of COVID 19 and towards strong growth beyond.

Matt Kean has been an awesome force in each of the portfolios he has represented.  Urban Taskforce is delighted that he will be our Treasurer.

Urban Taskforce wishes Gladys Berejiklian its best wishes for her future. Like every Government around the world, there were stumbles, but the former Premier steered NSW through the pandemic admirably and won near universal respect.

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